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I'm Katie she/her
Kathryn is an associate art director with nearly five years of experience in the publishing industry. That's not a lot of time if you're a sequoia, but it's nearly a lifetime if you're a guinea pig (Kathryn falls somewhere in between). She graduated in 2018 with a bachelor's in English Literature and Writing/Graphic Design. Kathryn has a love of the written word and has built a career bringing it to life visually in print. She writes some herself, but it's her best-kept secret, and though she has experience copy editing to both AP and Chicago styles, it's been some time since she dusted off her manual. Unsurprisingly, she has strong opinions about Oxford Commas. 

Kathryn currently lives in Minneapolis, MN with her partner and her dog, Maxwell, who has an anxious attachment style and is probably an Aries. (He's a rescue, so they can't be sure, but. You know. He's just like that.) Kathryn, or Katie as she's known among friends, can sometimes be found walking around Minnesota's many lakes and running from its inappropriately-sized mosquitoes or helping her partner carry their insane finds around the thrift store–though most reliably she can be found at home, endeavoring to be as cozy as possible, especially in Minnesota winters. She likes to spend her recreational time reading, taking pictures of friends, filling her online shopping cart with things she doesn't purchase, painting, or playing games with friends like Mario Kart or D&D. She needs the right song for every occasion, so she's got an endless string of playlists which you should not ask her about unless you'd like to hear how "ambient" and "relaxing" are two very different distinctions. 

Katie is a constant learner, voluntarily and otherwise, because she somehow managed to befriend and work alongside a lot of really smart, talented people. Next on her horizon of acquired skills is coding/web design. (Or getting back into knitting, whichever impulse strikes first.) She's writing this in the third person because talking about yourself is hard.   

This website is an in-process portfolio of a handful of projects she has worked on professionally and personally. She is always adding new stuff, so come back to check it out anytime. If you want to know more, pop over to the contact page and say hi. 

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