I had the honor of taking my dear friend Paige’s engagement photos as a wedding gift to her and her fiancé, Matt.
The couple got engaged in June, but unfortunately Matt was deployed shortly after. He didn't return until November, at which time we got the opportunity to revisit the now icy Minnehaha Falls, where Matt had popped the question.
We didn’t bring many props, but the blanket I had intended to use as ground cover for any picnic-themed shots ended up doubling nicely as a buffer against the cold November air. Matt was very attentive about keeping his chronically chilled fiancée warm. 
The best part about working with Matt and Paige was the privilege of having known both of them beforehand. That factor put all four of us at ease for the shoot, and allowed us to have a little fun. Paige and Matt are a fun-loving couple, and I was thrilled to watch their playfulness from behind the lens.
Matt and Paige were both troopers: ready to try any wacky shot idea (some more successful than others), eager to offer up their own ideas, and uncomplaining about the dampness and the cold.
Being apart for Matt’s deployment was hard on both of them. They were overjoyed to be together again and their reunion brought an elated tenderness to the shoot.
I got to document the love of two of my favorite people, and it was magical. The (happy) end. 
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