Taylor and Zachary live in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, so the hardest part of these engagement photos was deciding where to shoot them. Taylor had work on the morning of our shoot, so we ended up opting not to venture on a hike for fear of losing too much light, and ended up in park in Rapid City. Saving light was the right decision, since some pretty radiant sunshine was the only thing that could match this couple's bright smiles.
When I say this shoot was easy, I mean it was too easy. While I was repositioning myself and checking the shots, I couldn't get these two to stop goofing off. There was hardly a moment when they weren't doing something silly, being naturally photogenic, or just radiating happiness. A massive majority of these shots are unposed, which I love when I look at them, and I hate not being able to take the credit. 
Though the weather was mild for December in South Dakota, Zachary was very attentive about keeping his bride-to-be warm and snuggled.
In a brief somber moment, Taylor looks ahead to the moment they both say, "I do."
Taylor and Zachary picked this ring together - one that really matches Taylor's personality - and I think they hit it out of the park.
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