Textura is an annual collaborative storytelling project that was created in January 2017. Designers, journalists, and Guatemalan partners worked together to tell local stories that reflect a piece of the heart and culture of Guatemala. My involvement in this project included journalism and photography. To learn more about the project and read the magazine content go to seektextura.com.
Stories in the publication vary from politics, economics, culture, to fashion.
Textura tells stories in a hybrid of textual journalism, photojournalism and graphic design, and online it incorporates videographic elements. This variety of mediums weaves a small cultural tapestry depicting Guatemalan life, a multiplicity of stories that are, one might say, textured.
This particular publication was the first of many editions of Textura to come. It’s an ongoing project, with the goal of reaching as many cultures and stories as possible. 
Visit the website to learn more.
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